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1985 133 Mins Audio: English MPA Maturity Rating Motion Picture Association Maturity Rating: PG-13 BBFC Maturity Rating British Board of Film Classification Maturity Rating: PG Maturity Rating 13+

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Watch Silverado (1985) online Silverado is a 1985 movie with a runtime of 133 minutes. Director Lawrence Kasdan, Cast Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Danny Glover,


Four unwitting heroes cross paths on their journey to the sleepy town of Silverado. Little do they know the town where their family and friends reside has been taken over by a corrupt sheriff and a murderous posse. It's up to the sharp-shooting foursome to save the day, but first they have to break each other out of jail, and learn who their real friends are. Currently you are able to watch "Silverado " streaming on we platform.

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BBFC Reason

Maturity Rating Reason


Crime, Action-Adventure,

gunslinger, sheriff, new mexico, saloon, fight, horse, male friendship, prison escape, gunfight, wagon train, western town, two guns belt,

BBFC Ratings info

Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
Some mild flirting. A man and woman come out of a room a little time apart, putting on and straightening their clothes, somewhat imploring they had sex. A man and woman kiss passionately. Rated PG-13 for Western Action Violence, Language, and Brief Sexual Content. Bar maids wear the typical dresses of their rank. Nothing else. Jake and his girlfriend are seen kissing and rolling in the hay for 13 seconds. No nudity.

Violence & Gore
Violence & Gore Reason
A man is ambushed by three gunmen. He is shot at many times but shoots and kills all three men. No blood or gore, but one dead man falls to the ground. Many People get shot throughout, but very little blood. Several people fall off horses. One person breaks his arm when he falls, a slight crunch is heard. One man rides a horse toward a man standing, fitting shots at him but missing. The man standing loads his gun and fires one shot, killing the rider. A fight breaks out in a saloon, with two men attacking one other man, who punches and knocks out both. He then pushes down a third man, but is stopped by a sheriff holding a gun. A man calls another man out for stealing his possessions, and the other man stands and draws his gun, but the first man shoots him first, killing him. Many large shootouts throughout, although most people are not injured and minor blood or gore. A man is shot in the chest by a man with a rifle a long way off. Three men all return fire at the rifleman and kill him. Minor blood. Three men hold an older man at gunpoint and threaten him. A gunshot is heard and his son finds him dead. No blood. A man who was just fired from his job points a gun at his old boss, who quickly turns and shoots him twice. He is shown laying dead on the ground. No blood. While two men are in a argument, another man takes one man's gun and holds him at gunpoint. After the other man in the argument leaves the gun is handed over but he then points the gun at the man's head. Then then walk away and no one is injured. A few men attack a man and run him over with a horse. As they are about to shoot and kill him, another man shows up and shots one man's hand, showing minor blood. As another man draws his gun, he is shot in the chest. A man walks in his home and sees his family ties up when a gun is held to his head. He is taken out and a man sets fire to the home. During a struggle several people are shot and the attackers take a young boy with them. As a man begins to assault a woman, she stabs him in the back, but he shoots her. Another man grabs him and breaks his neck. As a third man enters the room the other man throws a knife hitting him in his chest. Minor blood. During a large shootout many people are shot, although only minor blood. During a final large, extended, shoot out many people are shot and killed. Minor blood.

Profanity Reason
'D*mn' is said twice. 'Sh*t' is said 4 times. '*ss' is said twice, one paired with 'hole'. 'Godd*mn' is said three times. Some mild name calling. 'H*ll' is said three times. 'B*stard' is said once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason
Some drinking and smoking. A man is ordered to leave a bar, but takes one shot of whiskey first. Several scenes take place in saloons where people are drinking. Two people working in a saloon are filling whiskey bottle, and are about to take a shot when they are interrupted. A man and woman take many shots of whiskey to deals with their emotions. Several people celebrated by drinking shots of whiskey. A man spits while chewing tobacco Characters drink whiskey and tequila in a saloon.

Frightening & Intense Scenes
Frightening & Intense Scenes Reason
The many deaths throughout may be difficult for some viewers. The kidnapping scene and biting of the house are fairly frightening. The almost constant violence throughout may be frightening for some viewers. Some of the gun battles are intense but definitely not frightening.

Columbia Pictures,

United States of America,




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