The River

1984 122 Mins Audio: English Maturity Rating 16+
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Watch or Download The River 1984. Director Mark Rydell, Cast Mel Gibson, Sissy Spacek, Scott Glenn,

Farming family battles severe storms, a bank threatening to reposses their farm, and other hard times in a battle to save and hold on to their farm. Movie The River



The River Parent guide

BBFC Reason
infrequent strong language, moderate violence

Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
There is a scene in a hotel between a man and a woman. Moaning is heard off screen for a couple of seconds, before the camera pans to the two characters in bed. There is slight female nudity, but due to the lighting, can be easily missed. Naturally, there is no male nudity whatsoever. In one scene, a man and a woman begin to passionately kiss each other, which eventually leads to implied sex. Nothing other than the kissing is seen.

Violence & Gore
Violence & Gore Reason
One scene involves angry protestors. They can be seen throwing and hitting a truck with bats or 2x4s, in which several people are on board. No blood is seen. A man can be seen injured, and being carried through the plant by two workers. A significant amount of blood is seen on the right side of his body. Workers and protestors clash in one scene. They beat each other up, and blood is seen particularly on their faces. This fight scene lasts for several minutes. A man fires warning shots with a shotgun. No one is injured, nor killed. A woman slaps a man in the face. Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek are in a constant state of peril them fighting back a river and a bank, but there is very little blood. The movie is pretty intense though. Sissy's character gets caught in the chains of the tractor of which she is working on. This scene can be distressing, as it lasts for several minutes without her being able to obtain help. Blood can be seen along the sleeve of her shirt, as time progresses. She eventually breaks free by provoking a buffalo through throwing objects at it so it rams the tractor. Later, she rushes to the kitchen where she runs the wound under the tap. Blood, and the open wound can be seen as she is in distress.

Profanity Reason
God**** and He** are used mostly of course there is the occasional Sh**. Plus two uses of "F**k."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason
Some smoking, but very rarely. Casual beers that's it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes
Frightening & Intense Scenes Reason
Refer to the 'Violence and Gore' section for further details. The movie is constant action and peril so prepare to have your heart race. During the flood in the opening scenes, a man topples over with the tractor that he is using. His leg gets caught, while the flood water continues to rise. There is struggle for a few minutes to get the man's leg out from under.

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