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1988 99 Mins Audio: English MPA Maturity Rating Motion Picture Association Maturity Rating: R BBFC Maturity Rating British Board of Film Classification Maturity Rating: 18 Maturity Rating 18+

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Watch Above the Law (1988) online Above the Law is a 1988 movie with a runtime of 99 minutes. Director Andrew Davis, Cast Steven Seagal, Pam Grier, Henry Silva,


Nico Toscani is an Italian immigrant, American patriot, ex-CIA agent, aikido specialist and unorthodox Chicago policeman. He is as committed to his job as he is to his personalized brand of justice—expert and thorough bone-crushing. Currently you are able to watch "Above the Law " streaming on we platform.

MPAA Reason

BBFC Reason

Maturity Rating Reason

Action, Thriller,


corruption, chicago, illinois, cia, martial arts, senator, vietnam, cop, torture, drug lord,

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Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
A young kid in seen nude. His rear and buttocks are shown. A girl is seen in her bra and panties.

Violence & Gore
Violence & Gore Reason
There's an alley fight scene between Nico and a group of thugs. He used a sword and slashes several of them, as well as punching and kicking them. There's a brief shot of a guy getting his hand chopped off (blood squirts from the stump). Nico knocks a man off of a barstool and breaks his arm, taking a gun from him as well. In church in a religious congregation: They are religious people all of themselves alone: There's a bomb going off and some people are injured because of the incident. Many people get shot. Big bullet impacts are often shown but rarely bloody. Many innocent people get hurt or killed when a bomb goes off in a church. There are several hand-to-hand fights where people are killed or badly injured. Nico punches Zagon in the face (it's shown all bloody), then graphically breaks his arm and his neck.

Profanity Reason
Strong language including 73 uses of f**k and many uses of "motherf**ker" and s**t, as well as a few uses of "a**hole".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason
It's heavily implied that the bra girl mentioned above and her boyfriend used heroin and coke in one scene. Coccaine and heroin are mentioned a few more times.

Frightening & Intense Scenes
Frightening & Intense Scenes Reason
A couple of brutal fights/beatdowns. A few seconds of disturbing war footage is seen.

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