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1985 90 Mins Audio: English MPA Maturity Rating Motion Picture Association Maturity Rating: R BBFC Maturity Rating British Board of Film Classification Maturity Rating: 18 Maturity Rating 18+

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Watch Commando (1985) online Commando is a 1985 movie with a runtime of 90 minutes. Director Beau Marks, Mark L. Lester, Bennie E. Dobbins, K.C. Colwell, Marion Tumen, Cast Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Dan Hedaya,


John Matrix, the former leader of a special commando strike force that always got the toughest jobs done, is forced back into action when his young daughter is kidnapped. To find her, Matrix has to fight his way through an array of punks, killers, one of his former commandos, and a fully equipped private army. With the help of a feisty stewardess and an old friend, Matrix has only a few hours to overcome his greatest challenge: finding his daughter before she's killed. Currently you are able to watch "Commando " streaming on we platform.

MPAA Reason

BBFC Reason
Contains strong violence

Maturity Rating Reason

Action, Adventure, Thriller,


martial arts, terrorist, fight, kidnapping, mercenary, lone wolf, u.s. army, daughter, father, rescue mission, gunfight, los angeles, california, action hero,

BBFC Ratings info
COMMANDO is a US action film in which a retired Special Operations soldier is forced back into action when his daughter is kidnapped. Violence: Scenes of strong violence include injury and death being inflicted through impaling on a steel bar, the slicing off of an arm with a machete, electrocution, and impaling with a pipe. There are several shootings which result in bloody injury, fights which include heavy blows and neck breaks, and slashing of throats with knives. Other issues include knife threat to a child who is tied in a chair, brief breast nudity, and use of strong language ('f**k' and 'motherf***er').

Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
During the motel fight scene, the fight spills into another room.. A woman's bare breasts are briefly shown. Blink and you'll miss it.

Violence & Gore
Violence & Gore Reason
Matrix fights several men after pursuing them in a car which blows up. He beats them up, but is then knocked out. Two men fight, and it ends when one of them is impaled on a piece of wood from furniture. There's a large brawl in a shopping mall between Matrix and many security guards. Many men are punched, kicked, elbowed, and brutalized. A woman blows up a car with a bazooka. There's a car chase in which two men in cars pursue each other, and other ram into each other, until one eventually flips over and crashes. A man takes 10 bullets to his chest in front of his house. A man shoots another man in the head with a shotgun (bloody hole visible). A man elbows another man in the face and breaks his neck. A man has his throat slit. Several men are stabbed. Men shoot at Matrix and a woman as they take off in a plane but Matrix returns fire and kills them. A man is axed in his groin. Matrix enters a room and beats up a man, knocking him out. A man is hit by a car and killed while trying to stop a carjacker from driving it off the dealer showroom. A man is dropped from the edge of a cliff. There is a MASSIVE shootout near the end takes place, with 20+ dead bodies, blood visible. Several buildings are blown up during this scene, and a car is blown up by a rocket launcher. MANY men are shot, and others are killed with several garden tools. One man is stabbed with a pitchfork, another is scalped (brief but bloody), and another's arm is cut off by a machete. Much blood and death is present, along with much heavy gunfire. The Director's Cut contains slightly more explicit violence (in the shed scene) that was originally cut for an R rating. The violence is most likely a PG-13 violence. Still some kids may not be able to handle it. Bennett and Matrix have a lengthy and brutal knife/fist fight, and both are slashed with knives. Matrix grabs a pipe and beats Bennett with it. He is then electrocuted, and the fight ends when he is impaled with another pipe through the chest, sending steam out through the body. He dies almost instantly.

Profanity Reason
9 uses of 'fuck', (3 times with prefix 'mother'), 10 uses of 'shit' (3 used as 'bullshit' and 1 as 'chickenshit'), 5 uses of 'ass' (2 used as 'asshole'), 3 uses of 'bastard', 2 uses of 'hell', 1 use of 'Oh my God', 1 use of 'Jesus Christ', 1 use of 'bitch', 1 use of 'pissant', and 1 use of 'whore' as an insult.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason
Occasional smoking and alcohol consumption throughout. Very light.

Frightening & Intense Scenes
Frightening & Intense Scenes Reason
Commando isn't too violent but most kids and teens will be able to handle it. Rated R for violence throughout and language

SLM Production Group, Silver Pictures, 20th Century Fox,

United States of America,




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