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2002 133 Mins Audio: English MPA Maturity Rating Motion Picture Association Maturity Rating: PG-13 BBFC Maturity Rating British Board of Film Classification Maturity Rating: 12 Maturity Rating 16+
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Watch Die Another Day (2002) online Die Another Day is a 2002 movie with a runtime of 133 minutes. Director Lee Tamahori, Cast Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens,


Bond takes on a North Korean leader who undergoes DNA replacement procedures that allow him to assume different identities. American agent, Jinx Johnson assists Bond in his attempt to thwart the villain's plans to exploit a satellite that is powered by solar energy. Currently you are able to watch "Die Another Day " streaming on we platform.

Adventure, Action, Thriller,

spy, laser, espionage, british secret service, havana, cuba, u.s. secret service agent, space based weapon,

Die Another Day Parent guide
MPAA Reason
Rated PG-13 for action violence and sexuality.

Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
A woman rises from the ocean wearing a bikini. The scene is somewhat long, and she's seen in several slow-mo shots. This is a reference to the famous beach scene with Ursula Andress from "Dr. No". A man and woman begin kissing and lie down on a desk, but this is revealed to be a simulation. A woman removes her sundress, revealing a bikini, and dives off a ledge into water. The opening credits feature nude women dancing but nudity is obscured from shadows or other reasons. A man and woman lie in bed and kiss each other sensually, and sex is implied. When he wakes up, she is gone. A man and woman kiss and prepare to have sex. They step away from each other and begin to undress. He starts taking off his jacket and shoes, while see casually takes off her shoes and lets her dress fall down, and then takes off her underwear. The woman now stands stark naked (we see most of her bare legs and cleavage on her breasts) in front of the man, and he looks at her with pleasure while he continues stripping down. She climbs into bed, and now he takes off his pants and underwear and stands naked in front of her (we don't see much, but she can clearly see him). He gets into bed as well and they start kissing, and the scene ends (they obviously have sex). Two men and a women are in a room. One of the men tells the other man that he enjoys her sex. A man and woman are in bed (he is nude and she is in her underwear, but they are covered by bedsheets), and start kissing. Implied they have sex.

Violence & Gore
Violence & Gore Reason
Bond opens a door and punches a man in the face. A man holds Bond at gunpoint, but he punches the man in the face, then in the stomach and head, knocking him out. A military base is destroyed by a giant laser, resulting in a massive explosion. Bond and Zao engage in a brutal fight in a hospital room, punching and kicking each other, and throwing each other into objects. Zao tries to strangle Bond, and pins him against a wall with a gurney. Bond fires a gun at him as he runs out. A man blows up a helicopter with a tank missile. Several men by a helicopter shoot at a woman, and she shoots one of them in the chest, killing him. A man smashes through a window and Bond fires a gun at him, and an explosive in the room goes off, knocking Bond down and collapsing the room. A woman shoots a man in the chest twice, point blank, and his corpse is briefly seen later with a bloody hole visible. There's a large action sequence in the beginning where Bond blows up a briefcase, killing a man and causing many bloody cuts on another's face. He commandeers a large vehicle, and there are many explosions and much gunfire, and many people die. Several vehicles crash and explode, and two men fight on top of a vehicle which crashes, and one of them presumably dies. A woman's neck is grabbed by a man in an exosuit, and she's zapped unconscious. A woman is briefly tortured when a man zaps her a few times. Bond smashes a glass floor and he and two others fall through it, and several people shoot guns at him, but he escapes. A giant laser blasts into an ice palace, and melts an entire room, and a woman is caught inside and nearly drowns. Bond moves through a building and shoots several attackers, and a man holds M at gunpoint. He shoots M in the chest and the man fatally, but this is revealed to be a simulation. Bond pistol whips a man and a woman throws a knife into another man's neck (non-graphic). Bond shoots a window in a plane, and four men are sucked out of the plane. Zao has small diamonds embedded in his face for most of the film, ams small bloody cuts are seen. A woman kicks a man in the face. A man is knocked off of a snowmobile. A man zaps another man with a defibrillator in a hospital room. A plane explodes. Zao brutally punches Bond in the stomach at one point. A man's arm is cut off with a laser and his hand is sued for fingerprint ID on a door. Not graphic at all, and the limb is never seen, aside from the hand, which is briefly seen and the arm or stump is not shown. A man beats on a punching bad for a few minutes, and we later see that a man was inside of it. It's rated 15+ on HBO GO but Casino Royale which is rated there 12+ is much more violent. Two men engage in a lengthy sword fight, one is slashed on the hand, and another is cut on the leg (slash wound briefly seen), and the first man is cut on his face. They move through a building and outside, both punching and hitting each other as well as fighting with weapons. One man is finally cut on his chest and knocked into a fountain. Bond and another man engage in a brutal fight, punching each other and throwing each other into objects, amid lasers. A laser goes through the back of the man's head and comes out his mouth, non-graphically, and he dies. A man is repeatedly tortured (see intense scenes for more details). Bond and Graves engage in a brutal fight inside a burning and exploding airplane in the end. Bond kicks him in the face several times, and is then punched, and the two begin brutally punching and kicking each other, and Graves zaps him with his eco-suit. Bond pulls the chord on his parachute, sucking him out of the plane, but he catches himself. Bond zaps him, and he flies into the engine, non graphically. There's a long car chase on a frozen lake with lots of gunfire and some explosions, and it carries into an ice palace, and there's much destruction. Zao's car crashes through a balcony and he lands in water, and Bond shoots a chandelier as he drives. The chandelier crushes Zao, and the water turns red with blood. Jinx and Frost fight with swords and knives in an exploding plane, and Frost is elbowed in the mouth and blood is seen, and Jinx is slashed across the stomach and a bloody cut is briefly seen. The fight ends when Jinx stabs Frost in the chest with a knife, through a book. A man shoots his own father with a handgun in the stomach.

Profanity Reason
3-4 uses of "hell", 1 use of "bitch", 1 use of "goddamn", and 1 use of "bloody".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason
A man drinks. A character smokes on screen very briefly A man is seen smoking cigars twice while in Cuba, but the first is necessary to the plot. More importantly, this film had a significant increase in smoking when compared to the immediate predecessors in the series. A party scene where multiple people are drinking wine or champagne.

Frightening & Intense Scenes
Frightening & Intense Scenes Reason
Zao's appearance may be disturbing to younger viewers. Bond is tortured (for over a year) in North Korea during the beginning credits. We see him getting thrown in icy water, get beaten, tied up and whipped, and stung by scorpions. He grimaces and yells. The opening credits also include images of women apparently on fire that may also be disturbing. The opening sequence is very gritty and intense, with many explosions and deaths.

Eon Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Danjaq,

United Kingdom, United States of America,




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