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1983 131 Mins Audio: English MPA Maturity Rating Motion Picture Association Maturity Rating: PG BBFC Maturity Rating British Board of Film Classification Maturity Rating: PG Maturity Rating 7+
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Octopussy (1983) online Buy for Download Octopussy is a 1983 movie. Director John Glen, Barbara Broccoli, Cast Roger Moore, Maud Adams, Kristina Wayborn,


James Bond is sent to investigate after a fellow “00” agent is found dead with a priceless Fabergé egg. Bond follows the mystery and uncovers a smuggling scandal and a Russian General who wants to provoke a new World War. Currently you are able to watch or buy for download "Octopussy" streaming on we platform.

Adventure, Action, Thriller,

circus, atomic bomb, eastern block, octopus, crocodile, secret intelligence service, kgb, snake charmer, hot air balloon, east berlin, british secret service,

Octopussy Parent guide

BBFC Reason
Contains moderate violence

Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
The beginning credit of the movie shows several women fully nude. Breasts and nipples can be seen through shadow and dark lighting. Bond and a woman are in bed together nude (nothing visible) they drink and kiss. Sex is implied. Women are swimming in a pool. In a train a woman is being massaged while she is nude only wearing a towel. The beginning credits shows a woman laying on her side fully nude. Shadow obstructs the pubic region but it is still noticeable if one looks closely. Octopussy's "army" (made of circus performers) wears somewhat revealing outfits. During the final battle, the majority of the "army" wears either skin tight outfits or bikini-esque outfits. Some implied sex, with kissing but no nudity. A woman emerges fully nude from a swimming pool. Her naked posterior is visible and very brief frontal from a distance. A man says that a group of women are prostitutes. Some mild innuendo.

Violence & Gore
Violence & Gore Reason
Bond gets in a fight with a group of assassins in a bed room. He beats up all of them, punching and kicking them, and throwing them into objects. One man is thrown into a fish tank, and an octopus inside latches onto his face, and kills him. Bond fights with the last man, and the two crash through a window and fall into water below. Bond struggles with a man on top of a plane in the end, and the man falls to his death. Bond and a woman inside jump and land on a cliff, and the plane crashes. Bond shoots out a vehicle's tires in the beginning, and he then escapes oncoming attackers in a plane. A tracking missile is fired after him, but he outmaneuvers it and it crashes into a bunker, causing a massive explosion and killing many people. A man throws several knives at Bond, pinning him to a door, but Bond dodges a fatal stab from the man, and stabs him in the chest with a knife. Bond kicks a man while dismounting from the back of a vehicle, and flees into a forest as several men shoot guns at him. He's hunted through the forest, but manages to take out several attackers and escape. Bond fights a man on top of a train, and another man attacks him with a knife. They struggle, and tumble off the train. A man chasing after a train is shot in the back several times, with bloody holes briefly seen. A man attacks Bond inside a circus train car, blinding him with a blowtorch, and knocking him into some boxes. Bond evades him, and manages to knock him out by hitting a lever on a cannon which lowers the barrel, hitting him in the head. A man shoots at Bond while he's on the outside of a train. A brief brawl breaks out in a big top circus tent between security guards and a group of circus performers. Bond jumps from a car onto a moving train and another train smashes into the carl, knocking it into a pond. A man is killed with a blade, but you don't actually see it. There's a cart chase through city streets in India, and Bond punches a man off of his cart. This turns into a tree fight, and Bond fights several men, flipping one onto a bed of spikes and knocking another onto hot coals. Two men chase a clown through the woods, and he briefly fights with one of them. One throws a knife into his back, and he falls into a river. We see a severed sheep's head on a plate. A man eats one of the eyeballs. Bond pulls a leech from his stomach. We see some blood. There's a brief gun battle inside a train and on the tracks, and Bond shoots two men, one in the forehead (bloody hole briefly seen), and then shoots several more men. Bond karate chops a man and knocks him out. There's a large battle scene near the end where Octopussy and her circus troop break into the mansion and take out several guards. Once the guards know they're there, much fighting begins, and many bad guys are beaten and taken down. Bond shoots several men inside, and slides down a banister while firing an automatic weapon.

Profanity Reason
1 use of "b*stard". 4 uses of "damn", and 1 use of "bastard".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason
A woman and Bond drink champagne in bed. A woman offers Bond a drink. Bond drinks. A vodka Martini to be exact, shaken not stirred. A villain is seen smoking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes
Frightening & Intense Scenes Reason
Serving of a stuffed sheep's head can offend some viewers Bond is the target of a hunting party. Bond has intense fights on top of both a train and a plane. Bond frantically attempts to get somewhere to prevent a nuclear explosion. Once there, he has a difficult time convincing anyone that he is serious about the armed nuclear bomb in the vicinity. Eventually, the major female lead believes him and helps reveal the bomb and Bond has barely seconds to remove the detonator before it sets off an explosion.

Eon Productions, United Artists, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer,

United Kingdom, United States of America,




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