1997 90 Mins Audio: English Maturity Rating 16+
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Watch or Download Cube 1997. Director Vincenzo Natali, Cast Nicole de Boer, Nicky Guadagni, Maurice Dean Wint,

A group of strangers find themselves trapped in a maze-like prison. It soon becomes clear that each of them possesses the peculiar skills necessary to escape, if they don't wind up dead first. Movie Cube

Thriller, Science Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror,

riddle, autism, claustrophobia, maze, psychology, prime number, entrapment, trapdoor, mathematics, horror, murder, gore, escape, trap, labyrinth, survival horror, numbers, cube, mechanical, industrial,

Cube Parent guide
MPAA Reason
Rated R for some strong sci-fi violence/gore and language.

BBFC Reason
Contains strong language and horror

Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
A man touches a young woman from behind, reaching around toward her breasts when he lifts her. The woman's shirt has a high collar, so we don't see anything. A man becomes increasingly flirtatious and leers at the young girl. A man makes some sexual comments towards a woman.

Violence & Gore
Violence & Gore Reason
A man is sliced up into cubes and is seen falling apart. All of his insides are visible. Blood is briefly shown. A man has acid sprayed in his face and dies as it corrodes his face and the inside of his head. A woman is stabbed through her chest from the back. Some blood is shown. A man is crushed by a door and is split in half, off-screen. A man lets go of a woman's hand; she drops to her death. A woman is slapped. A man is beaten up twice. He is beaten with a shoe once. He dies at the end of the movie.

Profanity Reason
26 uses of the word "fuck", some uses of "shit", some uses of "asshole", and some uses of "damn".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason
Holloway says she quit smoking but needs to smoke in the Cube to keep herself busy

Frightening & Intense Scenes
Frightening & Intense Scenes Reason
This film has a very claustrophobic feel to it. This film is about 7 strangers stuck in a maze of cubes equipped with traps that may be intense to some viewers. The leader of the group of characters (who slowly turns in the main antagonist of the film) cruelly treats a man with a mental disability (presumably autism). The way he treats him will likely be upsetting to viewers who are familiar with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Quentin does some pretty upsetting things

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