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1994 88 Mins Audio: English MPA Maturity Rating Motion Picture Association Maturity Rating: R BBFC Maturity Rating British Board of Film Classification Maturity Rating: 15 Maturity Rating 16+
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Blind Justice (1994) online Buy for Download Blind Justice is a 1994 movie. Director Richard Spence, Cast Armand Assante, Elisabeth Shue, Robert Davi,


Canaan, a mysterious gunfighter left nearly blind from Civil War combat, roams through Mexico with a baby he has sworn to protect. On his way to a town where a family will supposedly adopt the baby, Canaan passes through a border town where U.S. Cavalry officers assigned to deliver a shipment of silver are under attack from bandits. With some reluctance, Canaan steps in to help the soldiers. Currently you are able to watch or buy for download "Blind Justice" streaming on we platform.

Action, Western,


western, gun, western hero,

Blind Justice Parent guide
MPAA Reason
Rated R for graphic western violence and some language.

Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
A characters white petticoat partly falls down, briefly exposing her right nipple. A man attempts to rape a woman. He pulls his pants down Man prays to god and says he won't chase whores Character talks about giving a nurse "some medicine"
Violence & Gore Reason
Lots of men shot and killed. Generally no blood Dried and fresh corpses seen hanging and close up A man pees on another man Corpses seen with bullet holes in clothing, some blood stains A horse is shot, no blood or wound Mans hand is shot, bleeds Dead coyote bleeds from throat Townspeople stone an Indian. Hes ok. Man shot in head, bullet hole but no blood A little girl is shot and killed, no wound no blood An order is given to cut off mans ear, not seen A dying man has blood on his jacket and on his mouth Battlefield strewn with dead men and horses. Some with swords protruding Character is tied up crucifix style with barb wire. Blood drips from wrists Man threatens to "cut the baby" a mans balls are grabbed In an attack

Profanity Reason
1x f*cking, 2x f*ck (reference to sex), "Twisting yer balls", God, Jesus, hell, shit, whore, goddamn, son of a bitch
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason
characters smoke cigars throughout. Lots of recreational whiskey drinking
Frightening & Intense Scenes Reason
the blindman's eyes are opaque and glassy, some of the hanging corpses are gross looking.

Original Film,

United States of America,




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