1995 123 Mins Audio: English Maturity Rating 18+
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Watch or Download Copycat 1995. Director Jon Amiel, Cast Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter, Will Patton,

An agoraphobic psychologist and a female detective must work together to take down a serial killer who copies serial killers from the past. Movie Copycat

Thriller, Crime,


police brutality, psychology, police operation, police protection, serial killer, psychologist, cowardliness,

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MPAA Reason
Rated R for violence and language.

Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
A woman's breast is visible from her dead body in a bathtub Some sexual references. Vibrator is mentioned. One woman refers to it as essentials of life. Photos of murder victims briefly show breasts and buttocks. A murder victim has one breast slightly displayed. Live sperm is seen under a microscope; it is also collected from a serial murder crime scene. Later, a man claimed someone tried to buy his sperm sample. Woman hints that her attacker is impotent. Man cuts off woman's clothes while she's being hung. A man asks a woman to send him her panties, detailing the material. He uses a colloquial euphemism for women's underwear. One Woman does not wear any bra and is mostly in satin dresses, clearly outlining her breast and nipples throughout the movie.

Violence & Gore
Violence & Gore Reason
Helen is attacked and tackled then gets punched in the face twice by a man. Daryll Lee Cullum wraps a wire noose around Helen Hudson's neck, tightens it and lifts her up. There are close-up shots of the wire around Helen's neck and various shots where she can be seen struggling as she chokes. Daryll Lee Cullum cuts a cop's throat, blood is seen flowing from the wound. Daryll shoots a guy twice and the cop falls to the ground dead. The dead body of a woman is seen in a bathtub. Various crime scene photos are seen depicting murder scenes. A woman is seen tied to a table with a plastic bag taped around her head, she is seen struggling. A dead woman's body is seen on a hill in her underwear. A dead woman is shown sitting in a car with blood on her neck. There is a shot of a severed finger stuck between the pages of a book. Inspector Monahan shoots a man in the shoulder, gunshot wound and impact shown with blood. The man then shoots inspector Geotz who drops to the floor dead, a large pool of blood is seen on the floor several minutes later. A woman is seen in bed with a blood stain on the wall behind her. A dead cop is seen dead on the ground lying in a pool of blood. Peter wraps a wire noose around Helen's neck, tightens it and lifts her up off the ground. She is seen struggling as she chokes. A dead cop is seen dead on the floor with a slit throat, he is later seen sitting on a toilet after Peter puts him there. Peter and Monahan struggle, Monahan stamps on his foot but he then shoots her twice in the chest, blood is seen as she falls to the floor. Peter Foley is seen dragging a man with a plastic bag taped over his head, Peter smacks his head on the side of a dumpster before he then hits him against a large gate twice. Peter then kills him offscreen although the man's legs can be seen twitching. A short time later the man's dead body is seen floating in water. Peter slashes a cops throat, there is a full frontal shot of the wound pouring blood. Peter then knocks Helen over and punches her around the face twice, she is seen with a bloody nose. Helen stabs Peter in the thigh with a shard of broken mirror, as Peter tries to grab Helen she kicks out at him hitting him in the face and chest. Helen then sprays some chemical in his face, he screams out in pain. Monahan shoots Peter in the arm, blood is shown running down his hand. Monahan then shoots Peter three times in the body and once through the head, bloody bullet wounds shown and a blood spurt is seen as Peter is shot through the head. Peter's dead body is seen lying on the ground.

Profanity Reason
Occasional use of strong profanity and bad language, including about 8-9 uses of the "f" word, "b" word, "a**hole", "s" word, "for Chr*st's sake", and "goddamn". Other mild profanities.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason
Helen Hudson is seen taking anti depressants/sleeping pills. Lt. Quinn is seen smoking a cigarette. Various character's are seen drinking alcohol.

Frightening & Intense Scenes
Frightening & Intense Scenes Reason
MA15+ ( Adult Themes & Violence ) There are several scenes where charcater's are threatened by a killer. There are scenes of the killer stalking girls. There are some suspenseful and frighting scenes of a character trying to escape the killer. The killer wraps a wire noose around the neck of a character (it's frighting and intense). It is also meant to take you by surprise. The main character suffers from agoraphobia. In some scenes she is trying to escape the killer while suffering the symptoms of this phobia (it might be intense for some people who suffer from it).

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