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Director: Aldric La'Auli Porter, Alan Parker, Luca Kouimelis, Cast: Dennis Quaid, Tamlyn Tomita, Sab Shimono, Brady Tsurutani, Shizuko Hoshi, Stan Egi, Ronald Yamamoto, Akemi Nishino, Naomi Nakano, Elizabeth Gilliam, Shyree Mezick, Caroline Junko King, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Colm Meaney, Becky Ann Baker, John P. Finnegan, Takamuro Ikeguchi, Danny Kamekona, Yoshimi Imai, Lenny Imamura, Goh Misawa, Sanae Hosaka, Shuko Akune, Keenan Shimizu, Dale Ishimoto, Shinko Isobe, Mariko Fujinaka, Fred Irinaga, Tad Horino, George P. Wilbur, Allan Graf, Frank Trocha, Tricia L. Campbell, Kelsy White, Cynthia Aso, Emi Endo, Marian Mukogawa, Fran Lucci, John Jensen, John Mazzocco, Joe Heinemann, Michael York, Mark Earley, Paul A. DiCocco Jr., Joe Lisi, David MacIntyre, Doug MacHugh, Howard French, Gigi Toya, Don Alder, Teri Eiko Koide, Jumi Emizawa, Cynthia Lauren, Ian Woolf, Ben Slack, Bill M. Ryusaki, Ken Katsumoto, Kim Robillard, George Buck, Kevin McDermott, Harunobu Yoshida, David Carpenter, Ben DiGregorio, Saachiko, Ben Colesberry, Richard Iwamoto, Douglas Kato, Ken Y. Mayeno, Makio Sasaki, Tommy Allen, John McColpin, Ricardo E. Cespedes, Yuji O. Hirayama, Larry Honda, William O. Hunt, Mark Izu, Jon C. Jang, Brian J. Lee, Francis G. Wong, Russell Yoon, Thomas Yoshida, Brian Oshima, Kurt Takayama, David Watanabe, Miles Watanabe, Robbie Hioki, Dennis Hoda,

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Drama, Romance, History,


new york city, world war ii, forbidden love, love, interracial marriage, 1940s,


Come See The Paradise is a deeply touching love story set against the backdrop of a dramatic and controversial period in American history, It follows the romance and eventual marriage of Jack McGurn (Dennis Quad), a hot blooded Irish American, and a beautiful Japanese American Lily Dawanura (Tamlyn Tomita), at the outset of World War II. The clash of cultures, at once painful for the two lovers, becomes insurmountable after the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. Lily and the Kawamuras are relocated To a bleak, outdoor internment camp in California, Jack is drafted into the Army, powerless to help the woman he loves abandoning all hope of ever winning her family's approval.

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Sex & Nudity
Sex & Nudity Reason
It is implied that Jack and Lily have sex together multiple times although this is not shown they do lie in bed together afterwards. A woman asks her sister if she is going to have sex with a man on the first date. Two characters kiss passionately several times, in one scene the male character roams his hands under her dress and in another he touches her breast over her clothes.

Violence & Gore
Violence & Gore Reason
Jack physically attacks a department store Santa Claus when he refuses to sit Mini on his lap.

Profanity Reason
Lots of use of the F word and racial slurs

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking
Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking Reason

Frightening & Intense Scenes
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20th Century Fox,

United States of America,




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